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Hardwood in the Kitchen?

Hardwood in the kitchen looks great in magazines but is impractical.   Of course ceramic tile is the obvious choice but is often thought of as hard and cold.  There are many attractive and hard wearing alternatives to ceramic.  Cork tile is one alternative that we have had considerable acceptance and success with.  Bamboo is a natural material that is also gaining a lot of popularity.


Limit the width of new rooms to 12 ft.

Save yourself some money when considering the size of new rooms in a basement or extension. Where possible ensure that room width is less than 12ft.


Why? ........Carpet comes on rolls that are 12 ft. wide.  If your room is 12 1/2 ft. you will require a seam which is not only undesirable but you have more waste, waste you pay for.

White ceilings, standard but not a rule.

Most of our clients take it for granted that the ceiling will be finished in white.  Don't be afraid to put a colour on the ceiling.  If chosen properly the colour will not make the ceiling appear lower which is the common belief.  Carrying the wall colour onto the ceiling (normally at 1/2 strength ) make the ceiling blend with the walls and therefore appear higher.   Its true, give it a try.


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